Who We Are

Formerly known for The Passenger Short Film Facebook Page, was renamed to October Spirits Production. This was to avoid multiple pages of nonsense, since nobody likes pages anymore nor do they keep track of the ones that slowly die off for games, movies, and anything it was made for. So why not just make one page that is for EVERYTHING? That’s what Paul set out to do with October Spirits Production.

Our Mission

The Mission is to create unique horror atmospheric short or full length films to capture the real life urban legends that resign in the state of Vermont. These stories that only see the light of days in books, before getting shoved away onto a book shelf to collect dust is nice. But visually seeing a tale come to life just makes it that much more better. Nowadays people prefer viewing over reading. Or sometimes vice versa, since movies tend to leave out A LOT of important information regarding the matters at hand.

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